Train rides are great for anyone, but you can really add a romantic touch when you go on a train ride with a significant other. Many trips, like a Royal Gorge train, offer scenic views and activities ideal for couples. Whether you want a date night or are planning a whole vacation, check out some of the unique ways to add a romantic touch to your next trip.

Each idea can help spawn new romantic gestures to share on train rides. Use the ideas to make train rides a fun tradition for you and your partner.

1. Dinner For Two

Instead of just a ride, look into dinner options for you and your partner. Some trains may offer special dinner meals with multiple courses. The seats are often right up against windows so you can look out and enjoy the views while you eat. A multiple course meal allows you and your partner to enjoy good conversation and great food options.

2. Hired Photographer

Purchase an extra ticket and bring a photographer with you for the train ride. Instead of just taking selfies, a photographer can capture different angles and moments together as a couple. Riding a train offers unique picture opportunities. There are a lot of places to pose and take pictures at. You could rent out a private area and have your own space to take pictures.

3. Open Air Access

When you book a Royal Gorge train ride, look for trains with open air access. A train with open air gives you the opportunity to go outside and take the views in. In many cases, you can book a train ride that runs through the sunset and enjoy romantic views of the sunset while the train travels.

If you book a photographer, the open air cart is ideal for pictures, as well. Enjoy the fresh air and company of your partner as a train travels through scenic sights.

4. Souvenirs

The train or the train station may offer a souvenir shop where you can purchase a romantic gift to commemorate your travels. You could pre-order some gifts and surprise your partner beforehand or purchase something towards the end of the trip. For example, you could purchase matching t-shirts that you both wear.

Some shops may sell small pieces of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, or key chains. The jewelry often has a train theme and can represent your time together on the train.

Plan ahead to make your train trip as romantic as possible.