Inflatables run the gamut in their shape, size and purpose. They can be used for outdoor sports like jousting and boxing, or they can simply be used for fun at children's birthday games. Children young and old love these exciting playgrounds. However, many parents may find themselves wondering how safe inflatables are, and how they can prevent injuries while children are using them. Inflatables are very safe when used properly. These tips will help you keep your child safe as he or she uses your inflatable rental.

Group Children Of Like Ages During Inflatable Use

Pairing children of different ages together on any inflatable, whether that's a boxing ring, a kayak or a bounce house, will almost always lead to trouble. Children get excited in inflatables because they're so much fun. When older children and younger children play together on inflatables, younger children often get hurt. To prevent injuries, keep children of similar ages together in the inflatable or bounce house.

Monitor the Weather

Rain and wind are enemies of inflatables. Rain can make inflatables slippery and hard to handle while extreme wind can actually blow inflatables around on a property. Your inflatables company will have strict guidelines regarding use of inflatables in certain weather conditions. Monitor the weather while your children are using inflatables and follow the rules that your inflatables company has established for safe use inflatables. When wind or weather exceeds the limits established by your inflatables rental company, have your children get off the inflatables even if they seem to be playing safely.

Monitor all Play

Don't let children use inflatables without adult supervision. Stand by and watch as your children use your inflatable rental, even if only one child is on the inflatable. This is doubly true if your child is using an inflatable used in or around water.

Know Which Medical Conditions Make Bounce Houses Unsafe

Some medical conditions can make use of bounce houses inherently unsafe. These conditions include:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Heart conditions

Do not allow your child to play on the bounce house or inflatable if your child has one of these conditions. If you're not sure whether or not your child should be able to use the bounce house, consult with your child's doctor.

Finally, read all the safety instructions before allowing your child to get into the bounce house or other inflatable. Familiarizing yourself with the safety instructions will help ensure that your child can use your inflatables without getting hurt.