If you have a teenager that is getting into skateboarding, a skateboard would make the perfect Christmas gift for them. When you start shopping for one, you may be surprised there are many different types, and it can become confusing. To help you, below are some tips on choosing the best skateboard for your child. 


Skateboarding is something your teenager can start learning at home. Because they are just starting out, you need to buy them a less expensive skateboard. They can use this skateboard to learn how to balance while on the board, as well as getting used to pushing off the board with their foot as they ride. Once they learn these two things, they can start learning more technical things.

The type of skateboard you should purchase depends on how much your teenager weighs. Every skateboard is made for a certain type of rider, such as their body size and weight. For example, for a teenager that is 5'3 and up with a shoe size of 9 and up should purchase a large skateboard.

The deck size is something else to consider. Even though this is a personal choice, many street skateboarders like a small deck, as they can maneuver it better. Skateboarders that do a lot of tricks prefer a larger deck, so they can keep their foot on it easier.

It would be best to go to a skate shop, as the employees there will know the best type of beginner board when it comes to the length and width. You can also purchase a skateboard online.

Once your child becomes comfortable, they will be ready to learn some tricks.  There are likely skate parks in your area that can get them started by watching the other skaters.

Safety Equipment

Your teenager needs to wear safety equipment to reduce their chances of getting injured. Even professional skateboarders have accidents. First of all, they should have knee and elbow pads and a good helmet. When purchasing a helmet, make sure it has the CE certification. This shows that it is made for skateboarding. It is important that the helmet fits your teenager well. The skate shop (or you can go to websites like this) can help you choose the correct size. Wrist guards are helpful to protect your teenager's wrists.

It will take time for your teenager to learn how to ride a skateboard so don't let them start doing tricks too early or they could get hurt. You may also want to consider getting them lessons.