If you are an mountain biker enthusiast, you may see ads for mountain bike rentals and wonder someone would rent a bike, rather than ride their own. However, aside from the obvious answer that they don't already own a bike, there are many reasons why someone may decide to rent a bike for the day. Here are a few of those reasons.

You Don't Have to Haul Your Bike Around on Road Trips

One of the biggest benefits to renting a bike is that you don't have to haul your bike around when you are traveling. If you are going out of town and don't want to bother with loading and unloading your bicycle and worrying about it in a hotel room, or you are flying, you may enjoy the convenience of being able to grab a reliable, serviced mountain bike at a rental company when you arrive at your destination.

You Can Test Ride a New Bike Before Buying it

Another reason someone may decide to rent a mountain bike for the day is because they want to test out a bike before buying it. Mountain bikes can be costly and unfortunately, unlike automobiles, it can be hard to test them out. Sure, you can ride them around the store and maybe even in the neighborhood where the bike shop is located, but you can't take it out to favorite bike riding destinations and see how it actually performs on hills and in dirt. Renting a bike for the day allows you to test out different bikes, allowing you to find the one that is most comfortable and has the features you desire based on the terrain you plan on riding it in.

Your Bike May Not Be Suited for the Terrain You Plan on Riding

The last reason someone may rent a mountain bike is because their current bike isn't suited for the terrain that they are going to be riding in. There are different types of mountain bikes including cross country, hardtail, full suspension, downhill and free ride bikes. Each of these bikes is suited toward different mountain biking conditions and terrain. Having the wrong bike can make your ride uncomfortable or harder. If you plan on riding a different terrain than you are used to, renting a bike suited for that terrain for the day may not be a bad idea.

As an avid biker, you may love your bike and can't imagine riding without it. However, there are many benefits to and reasons for renting a mountain bike for the day, for even the most experienced rider. Not having to haul your bike around, being able to test ride a bike and getting a bike ideally suited for the terrain you don't normally ride for the day are all some of these reasons. Contact a business, such as the Bootdoctors, for information about rentals.